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Wireless Packet Capture Tool

■ Can be used with AR’S 920MHzWireless module’s or other systems
■ Perfect for wireless system development and debugging

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■ Compatible with open source program, Wireshark network protocol analyzer

■ Connect with PC and perform packet analysis using Wireshark

■ Each of the wireless devices will not affect your system since only reception of transmitted packet is performed.

■ Custmize the tool with customer's wirelesss device

■ Support each of the following frequency bands(400MHz band,920MHz band,2.4GHz band,etc.)

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plung in PC USB port with EMcapture
Easy access with launching Wireshark

Configuration of EMcapture

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Contents of Kit / Development / Porting service

Contents of services

EMCapture basic kit
■ AR'S-made 920MHz packet capture 1 piece
Software adapter for Wireshark connection
Test module(if evaluation becomes nessary) 2 pieces
Wireshark packet analysis plug-in development service
■ Wireshark can also display customer's own data format in a easy-to-understand way
EMcapture porting to your own hardware
■ Customized AR’S-made EMcapture receivers
■ Porting to customer's own hardware

Service Flow

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