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With the EMceptor you could check the electromagnetic wave without hign-end measuring tools such as spectrum analyzer which saves your expense. Easy set-up to bring out and chargeable with USB plug-in, thus power supply will not be a porblem.

We believe that a new wireless application will be created when you come to realize those you have not understood so far after using our EMceptor.

Since EMcepotor only receives data, a rdio license is not a must. No restrictions on place/poeple to use it.
(Please NOTE that receive-only products may be prohibited in some of the countries.)

EMceptor can not analyze pocket as a pocket capturer. If you need pocket analysis function please contact us for customization.

EMceptor is able to visualize wireless electromagnetic wave including 6 kinds of signal of frequency 400(+ME)/426/429/920/950(+LTE)/2400MHz
Please contact us if you would like to check the signals of frequency not mentioned above.

Product name Compliant receivable frequency Compliant standard Primary purpose
EMceptor 400 420.00~450.00MHz STD-T21 ※Specified low power radio device
※Wireless equipment for medical telemeter
EMceptor 426 426.2500~426.8375MHz STD-T30 ※Wireless device of low power security system
EMceptor 429 429.1750~429.7375MHz STD-T67 ※Wireless device for specified low power device, telemeter, tele-control and data transmission
EMceptor 920 916.8~920.8MHz STD-T106 ※920MHz band wireless device for identifying moving object
916.0~929.65MHz STD-T108 ※920MHz band wireless device for telemeter,tele-control and data transmission
EMceptor 950 951.0~955.8MHz STD-T96 ※Wireless device for data transmission, tele-control, specified low power 950MHz band telemeter
EMceptor 951 945.0~960.0MHz 950 LTE ※For SoftBank 950MHz LTE(to detect 950MHz RSSI)
EMceptor 2400 2,400~2,483.5MHz STD-T66 ※2nd-generation low power data communication system / wireless LAN system
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Plug EMceptor in PC USB port

Easy to use, just launch the EMceptor Pro Application

Time Spectrum

It displays the conditon of the time-variant electromagnetic wave in different collor
Max Hold fundtion / It shows in real-time and weighted value in a period of time.

Current Sweep

It will be displayed in a continous fashion from the lowest measurable frequency to the highest one
Sweep time is deteremined by each of the frequency standard
You may also change channel scan time

Data Storage

you can save the display data in a graphical format
you can save the acquired data in CSV format

Power Supply

5V supply from USB

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