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■ You can experience IoT (Internet of Things) system with simple setting.

■ You can customize the display according to your preferences with a variety of display functions.

■ You can collect and display the environmental sensor data through BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) communication.

■ You can collect data of Temperature, humidity, illuminance (brightness), pressure, sound and UV.

Kit Contents and Price

Kit Contents IoT server L - One Lite - OM 1
Environmental Sensor 1
BLE Dongle 1
Wi-Fi Dongle 1
Price 124,000円 (Excluding tax) (Experience set campaign special price)
Upto two environmental sensors can be added (9,800 yen per sensor (Excluding tax))

※ Tablet and Smartphone are not included in kit contents

※ This kit can be connected only with BLE environmental sensors (up to 3 units). Please purchase L-One Basic (181,000 yen) or L-One Pro (234,000 yen) if you wish to connect 4 or more or connect with other sensors.


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