Responsive image Responsive image

■ It can work immediately with built-in standardized data base and web application

■ Recordable through each kind of the data formats such as sensor data, image date or text data, etc

■ Numbers, graphs, images,etc. powerful display functions

■ Realize high reliability using SSD


Responsive image

System Composition

Responsive image

Hardware Composition

Storage SSD 32GB
Input/Output Interfaces Wired LAN x 1(TCP/IP)
USBx2(For optional expansion modules)
Input/Output Interfaces
(Optional Extras)
UART Serial, RS485, RS232C
Wireless LAN,920MHz Wireless(AR’S Module)
Power AC100V 50/60Hz
Dimensions H50 x W125 x D200 mm

Web Application

Feature Overview

■ RealTime
Display gathered data in realtime

■ Data
Saved data searching, Downloading,Data metric setting etc.

■ Settings
Various device settings (Interface settings, Peripheral settings etc.)

■ Plugins
We can customize the L1 to best fit your application and distribute it as a plugin

Responsive image

Data input and output

Data Input One simple command to input data
Command format(Example):ADDDATA, Name, X, Y, (Note)
      X, Y:Text,Number,Binary File etc.
Data Output How to download
■ Display and Download via the Web Application
■ Download flat files via FTP
■ Direct data download via USB Flash Memory
■ SQLite Database Copy (One File Database)
■ CSV Files