KANMONI Evaluation Kit

■ The Kanmoni Evaluation Kit is a low power consumption wireless mesh network integrated with multiple sensors, able to sense and record environmental information

■ We provide different kinds of systems that fit your requirements to the best

Contents of the Kit

Evaluation Kit for Developers
(Can develop freely on the receiving system)
Evaluation Kit for Users
(Can use immediately by a dedicated app)
Wireless Environmental Sensor 2 Wireless Environmental Sensor 2
Data Receiver 1 L-One Data logger 1
Receiver Serial Interface Specification 1式

It is possible expansion of wireless environmental sensors

Wireless Environmental Sensor

■ Multi-sensor node with built-in temperature, humidity, illuminance and carbon dioxide sensors

Function Parameter
Temperature sensor Operating temperature range: -40~+125℃
Measurement Resolution: 0.01℃
Temperature Accuracy: ±0.4℃
Humidity sensor Relative Humidity Operating Range: 0~100%RH
Measurement Resolution: 0.05%RH
Relative Humidity Accuracy: ±3%
Light sensor Maximum Sensible Wavelength: 500nm
CO2 sensor Concentration Operating Range: 0~2000ppm
Concentration Accuracy: ±50ppm
Readings: ±3%
Wireless 920 MHz Specified Low Power (TELEC-T245 compliant)
Power supply AA Battery *3
Size 60mm×85mm×40mm(without Antenna part)

Data Receiver

■ Data receiver for PC

■ Customers may develop your own application using captured sensor data

Function Parameter
Wireless 920 MHz Specified Low Power (TELEC-T245 compliant)
Interface USB connection (virtual COM communication)
The FTDI USB to Serial UART Converter IC mounted
Transfer rate: 460800,230400,115200bps
Serial interface specification included
Power supply USB bus power

L-One Data logger

■ Web application-based data logger

■ The system is ready to operate as long as being configured

Function Parameter
Wireless920 MHz Specified Low Power (TELEC-T245 compliant)
Power supply AC 100V(for server)
Remark Wi-Fi Access Point included