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We aim to contribute to health/sports researches via smoothly recording the continuously variable ECG signals. We are able to reduce noises significantly and measure signals without physical restraint through a wireless system. We deal with software customization and expect to open a window to the world of researches.


■ Small enough to fit in the palm of a hand

■ A wireless way that makes your measurments possible in many ways

■ Built-in 3 kinds of sensors including ECG, temperature(not body surface temperature),3-axis accelerometer

■ Comes in handy, ECG sensing unit uses the snap with disposable electrodes

■ Accessing sensor data in real-time

■ Measured data is recorded to the master unit and the USB-connected PC wirelessly

■ 950 MHz Wireless communication works even in a place where a publicly accessible wireless LAN is avaivable

■ Powered by the built-in USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery


Functions Parameters
Electrocardiogram (ECG) Sampling rate(for wireless transmission):128Hz
Sampling rate(for data storage):128/256/512/1024Hz
Disposable electrode with snap
Acceleration sensor 3-axis measurement range:±3G
Sampling rate(for wireless transmission):128Hz
Sampling rate(for data storage):0(OFF)/64/128/256Hz
Temperature sensor(optional) built-in temperature sensor(not body surface temperature senso)
Sampling rate(for wireless transmission):42.6Hz
Sampling rate(for data storage):0(OFF)/0.25/0.5/1/2/4Hz
Data Acquisition Sensing unit>
920MHz Band low power wireless
Data Storage Capacity:Maximum 12,900,000 samples
Data receiving master unit>
PC and virtual serial communication by USB connection
<PC Software
Data can be saved and displayed in CSV format
Maximum file storage:Max 3200 files

Transmission distance: about 5m (it varies in different environment)
Built-in memory Flash memory for data storage 16Mbytes
Dimensions 32mm x 58mm x 12mm(without electrode parts)
Weight 25g
Power supply Built-in lithium-ion battery (250mA/h)
Continuously works for about 5 hours(it varies according to the conditions)
Charging via USB(charging time about 2.5 hours)
Included items>
Wireless ECG recorder
Disposal electrode
Wireless master unit
PC Application
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Please feel free to let us know if you need software customization