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Wireless Maintenance Tool

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■ After setting up the wireless devices, not only monitoring the status of surrounding nodes ,the communication quality between each node, connection status of the network can also be checked.

■ Ideal for installation of wireless devices and network maintenance

■ There are 2 modes, one is monitor mode which receives packets only, the other is direct communication mode which is in connection with each node

■ Custmize the tool with customer's wirelesss device

■ Support each of the following frequency bands(400MHz band,920MHz band,2.4GHz band,etc.)

Contents of the Kit and Porting Services

Contents of Services

Maintenance Tool Box Evaluation Kit
■ AR'S-made 920MHz maintenance tool - 1 piece
■ dedicated software
■ Module for test - 3 pieces(if evaluation becomes necessary)
Porting to your own hardware
■ Customize AR'S-made Maintenance tool box
■ Porting to customer's onw hardware

Service Flow

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※ This tool requires RSSI of each node for analysis. It may require some remodeling based on the customer's system, please contact us if you would like to have our porting services.