IEEE802.15.4 Compliant Module

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■ Low power consumption

■ Operating temperature:-40℃~+85℃

■ Wireless frequency band:2.405~2.475GHz(Stap 5MHz 15ch)

■ Power supply:work @ 3.3V ; Input power supply under 5V

■ High tolerance to noise, high receiver sensitivity

■ External interface, easy integration for application

■ Small case design 30×70mm


■ Low power wireless sensor network

■ IEEE802.15.4 compliant/ best for ZigBee

■ Home automation / Building automation

■ PC peripheral

■ Monitor and industrial machinery control

■ STB / remote control and home appliance control


RF Module

RF IC CC2530F256(TI)
Built-in 8051MCU(256kB program flash/8kBRAM)
Wireless frequency band:2405MHz~2475MHz(step 5MHz 15ch)
Wireless output power:1mW/MHz
IEEE802.15.4 compliant
Antenna Inverted F type 3.3dBi
External IO 20pin IO connector
Size 30mm x 40mm

IO Card

Power circuit System power 3.3V
Power supply 3.5~5V(supply from DC jack)
External IO 20-pin IO connector(connected with RF Module)
2.54 pitch through-hole
Program write-in connector
Size 30mm x 70mm