Wireless Technology Consulting and Design Support

■ Customers may consult us for know-how related knowledge such as wireless technology, wireless network technology, construction of wireless system

■ We provide short-term, individualized, customer-tailored service

Service Details

Survey ■ Telecommunication Law/Act (Domestic and overseas) Certification related survey
■ Wireless-related technology survey and standard survey
■ Wireless-system-related trend survey(Environment, ecology, industry, equipment, medical, health care, nursing, etc.)
■ Wireless ICs, module survey and comparison (Zigbee/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/920MHz, etc.)
■ Wireless system review and proposal(proposal of the optimized system to customer’s requirements )
■ Advice and verification related to wireless equipment development
Design and Measurement Support ■ Design and measurement support for verification of telecommunication law
■ Wireless system algorithm design support(mesh type, star type, power-saving, fast response, time-synchronization, etc.)
■ Product prototype proposals/designs
Product Sales Support ■ Planning/Manufacturing of Wireless IC or Module IC Evaluation Kit
■ Technical support for users
■ Seminar regarding wireless sensor systems
■ Hold a practical-use-seminar using customer’s products
■ Written report for customer’s product performance