IoT System Development Service

■ We provide IoT systems including wireless sensor network systems, web applications for data servers, and applications for PCs / tablets.

■ We can provide full-stack technologies such as hardware, embedded software, cloud applications, and system construction.

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Wireless Driver
Sensor Driver
Wireless Networks
Original algorithm
Web Application
Android/iOS Application
PC Application
Serverless Application
AI/Machine learning


Solar panel monitoring system 2.4GHz original mesh network
Cloud application
Lighting control system 2.4GHz original high-speed response mesh network
Web application
Environmental monitoring system 920MHz original mesh network
Temperature, humidity, pressure, illuminance, CO2 sensor
Cloud application
Dryer control system 2.4GHz original star network
Temperature, humidity, pressure, weight sensor
Web application, Cloud
Biological information collection system 2.4GHz original star type synchronization network + BLE
ECG, respiration sensor, accelerometer
Web application
Smartphone application
Excavator monitoring system 920MHz line network
Tilt sensor
Ecological monitoring system 920MHz original mesh network
Body temperature sensor, GPS
Web application
Factory temperature monitoring system 920MHz original mesh network + BLE
Temperature sensor
Web application
Smartphone application

Wireless network development experience

BLE 2.4GH original 920MHz Others
BLE beacon tag
BLE remote controller
PC peripheral device control
Actuator control
Smart key
Original mesh
Wireless synchronization
Fast response
Low power
High reliability communication
Original mesh
Low power
High reliability communication

Original embedded OS for wireless IC

By adopting the OS, it is possible to build a highly reliable system and shorten the development period.

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Compatible with Nordic nRF51,52 series.

Optional features

Mesh Network plugin Easy to realize low power consumption mesh network
Frequency hopping function Automatically switches frequencies to communicate and avoid radio interference
OTA FW update function Wireless FW update can be realized