Radio Measurement Service and Use Of Anechoic Chamber

We offer radio measurement service using anechoic chamber and kinds of measuring tools. Evaluation or adjustment is available in order to pass telecommunication law.

■ Performance evaluation check of different kinds of wireless products

■ Antenna performance check and simple directivity check

■ Evaluation of those did not pass certification of telecommunication law

■ Evaluation of the prototype for telecommunication law certification

■ PCB radiation noise evaluation

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Electromagnetic Field Probe

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Spectrum Analyzer

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Network Analyzer

Technical parameters of the Anechoic Chamber

Items Parameters
Effective Interior Dimensions 3.4x2.3x1.9m
Door dimensions 1.87x0.97m
Electromagnetic wave absorber Pyramid type wave absorber 8 inch/ 12 inch (E&C Co., Ltd.)
Turntable Diameter: 300mmφ
Height: 800-1100mm (height is adjustable every 100mm by pitch)
Loading weight: 30kg (center of gravity is on the center of the turntable)
Table speed of revolution: 0-2rpm
Angular resolution: 36000ppr
Fixing pole of Antenna pole diameter: 42mmφ
with SMA(F) connector
Power supply AV 100V socket*2
(With insulating transformer / filter)
Connector box N type(F) *3
BNC type(F) *3
USB *1 (turntable control)

Equipment Inventory

Equipment Model number Manufacturer Measurement Frequency
Spectrum analyzer FSV13 ROHDE & SCHWARZ 9kHz-13.6GHz
Spectrum analyzer RSA3303A Tektronix DC-3GHz
Network analyzer R3767CH ADVANTEST 40MHz-8GHz
Step attenuator 8494B
Keysight DC-18GHz/0-110dB(10dB step)
DC-18GHz/0-11dB(1B step)
Electromagnetic field probe for EMC EM-6992 ELECTRO-METRICS 100kHz-1GHz

Terms of use for the Anechoic Chamber and Measuring Tools

■ Our service is available for the following purpose: evaluations for verifications/measurement for tunings
※In order to get the certification, a verification at a designated agency is required

■ Our well-trained staff is familiar to those measuring equipment and will assist you with the measurement. Please feel free to use our service

■ It would help us to have a better understanding and streamline the measuring process if we could discuss the contents of measurements in details

■ We also offer measurement service upon your request

Service Flow

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■ Registration

※Discuss the contents before hand

※Estimation of use of time, contents, etc.

※Reservation of the date

■ Measurement / Evaluation

※Our staff in charge will provide assistance

※Measurement service is available upon request

■ Report

※Report of measurement results(in the case of requested)

※Assistance for other evaluations

Available Time

Weekdays 9:00am~17:00pm(Please contact us for any other times)

Service Charge

¥12,000 JPY/hour (including fees of Anechoic chamber, measurement tools and assistance)

Contact Information

Verification & Validation Div.
e-mail :