Software Development

■ Specialized engineers can handle all fields such as embedded software, web / cloud applications, and smartphone applications.

■ High-quality software development is possible with resource management and CI / CD technology.

Software development technology

Embedded software development

MCU ARM Cortex M0/M3/M4, ARM9, MSP430, PIC
Embedded OS Contiki-Os, Tiny-OS, iTron, Original, etc.
Wireless IC BLE:Nordic, TI, Dialog, Renesas, Lapis
Wi-Fi:TI, Marvel, Qualcomm
2.4GHz original:Nordic, NXP, TI, STM
920MHz:TI, Silicon Lab
Language C, C++, C#

Smartphone application development

OS iOS, Android, Windows Mobile
Language Swift, Objective-C, Java, Kotlin
Closs Platform React Native, Cordova

Web/Cloud application development

DB SQL (PostgreSQL, SQLIte, MSSQL)、NOSQL (Mongodb)
Language Java, Javascript, HTML, Agile, Ruby, Perl, PHP
Frameworks Front-end:Angular, React, Vue, Ember, Bootstrap
Back-end:Flask, Django, Node.js
IaaS/PaaS Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Windows Azure

Smartphone/Cloud application development example (healthcare system)

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Evaluation/Resource management

Resource management Private Gitlab Deployment
Task management SmartQA、Redmine、Gitlab
Unit test Unity, Junit、J-Trace
DevOps & CI/CD Preparing Docker Runners for various environments
Automatic Hex generation / tracking / release
Perform automated unit tests and static analysis

Task management / Resource management exampl(SmartQA/GitLab)

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