Wireless Sensor Network System Construction

■ We build the most optimized wireless network to meet customer’s needs

■ We aim to offer the optimization of a system of mesh network, star network, low-power consumption, fast response, large-capacity data transmission as well as high reliability

■ We provide optimized system solutions in a combination of suitable radio frequency bands or sensors

■ We are able to develop a data-server-dedicated web application or a PC/tablet-dedicated application

Supporting frequency band: 920MHz/2.4GHz/430MHz, etc. customization available upon request

Supporting specifications including Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/Bluetooth Smart/IEEE 802.15.4/ independent standard, etc.

Supporting Sensors including temperature sensor, humidity sensor, gas sensor, air-pressure sensor, acceleration sensor, gyro sensor, strain gauge, CMOS camera, thermal image sensor, current sensor, bio-sensor, etc.

Network Configuration Cases

Network Configuration Case① - Low power consumption mesh network

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Each independent node looks for one another, using wireless multi-hop communication to transmit data

■ Automatic routing wireless network

■ All the nodes inside the network is able to operate in a low power consumption condition

■ Mesh network functions effectively especially for a long time battery-driven system

■ High reliability communication can be realized through communication quality control and frequency hopping techniques

Network Configuration Case② - Low power consumption star network

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Each node receives data in a time-division fashion to prevent from cross talk, so that communication still works even if there are many nodes

■ All of the nodes can be synchronized within 1ms resolution

■ Star network functions effectively especially in a cross talk prone system where there are many nodes connected together or there is too much data being transmitted

■ High reliability communication can be realized through frequency hopping techniques

Network Configuration Case

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High reliability system construction can be realized through network simulation

■ Implementation of optimized simulation for every wireless module

■ Battery life of every node can be simulated while the system is under operation

■ System operation simulation before practical installation

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